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The vast majority of removal companies do not offer to insure your possessions, instead they insure their ‘liability’ for damage to your goods. This kind of insurance covers the remover and not the customer. If something does go wrong, the customer may have to pursue a potentially costly and time intensive legal action against their removers in order to be compensated. Additionally, if you are unhappy with any claims settlement or any denial of liability by the remover and their insurers, you have no independent ombudsman to review your complaint and agree an outcome.

In order to make the whole subject of insurance totally clear and hassle free, we have made insurance a requirement of moving with us. The insurance provided by MovingCircle Removals is underwritten by a specialist insurer, authorised by the FCA, and is designed for the specific purpose of insuring your move from start to finish. The cover is short term, inexpensive and does not affect the claims record on your household insurance should a claim need to be made.

If you are already insured elsewhere for the move and can provide evidence of your insurance (via a policy wording, an endorsement or a note from your insurers/brokers) then we are of course very happy to accept this as evidence of your own insurance arrangements for the move.

Our dedicated team or indeed one of our Move Consultants can explain the insurance options in full at the time of the survey.

Here is a summary of your shipping insurance from MovingCircle Removals:

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