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We make moving easy. International Moves

International Moves

Our dedicated international removals team are renowned experts in their respective fields and specialise in removals to locations all over the world. Whether you’re moving to Australia or New Zealand, Canada or the USA, Dubai or Singapore, we have the resources to take your belongings there safely. We will meticulously plan your move, ensuring you are fully prepared with packing & shipping, meeting all customs regulations.

Through getting in touch with one of our international removals experts today, we can help you start to put together the necessary arrangements to ensure you’re ready for your international move. Wherever in the world you want to move to or from, you can be confident that we are fully accredited for international removals through our franchise relationship with other service providrs and therefore through FIDI. We make use of the best possible partners throughout the world, ensuring our rigorous standards are met throughout your move. This means we can offer removals and secure warehouse storage wherever in the world you need it and can always ensure that your expectations are met wherever our shipping, removal or storage services are employed.

MovingCircle Removals can even help you out with your foreign exchange requirements – which could help save the cost of your move! We have vehicles in Europe on a weekly basis and can help out with last minute moves abroad as well as moves back to the UK. We also have a robust international network of partners and affiliates who provide a similar high standard of service, so that your move is handled consistently wherever you are moving abroad to.

MovingCircle Removals couple house removal waiting
MovingCircle Removals couple house removal

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