Driver and Vehicle Hire

Sometimes we understand that you may want to move yourself,  however this can be tricky……It’s vital to calculate volumes correctly as on the day it’s not practical to make more than one trip (especially if you are moving a great distance).

The largest vehicle most people are licenced to drive is a 3.5t Van/Luton – Geerally, a van is approx. 300 cubic feet and a luton 600 cubic feet.  The everage cubic feet of a 3 bed semi detached property is somewhere between 1200 cubic feet to 2000 cubic feet!  Our Driver and Vehicle Hire service might be for you.

Of course, you cant hire a HGV vehicle with a great cubic feet capacity without an Operators licence – This is where we can help, if you want to move your own goods or dont have the budget for a full removals service, you can hire our HGV and a driver, you can supply the additional manpower thus reducing your overall moving costs.  It’s not for everyone, but we provide this service as part of our complete moving solution,  if you require further details, contact us on (01543) 477502.

Driver and Vehicle Hire is only available in the UK.