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We make moving easy. Recycling and Disposal

Recycling and Disposal

As part of our commitment to the environment and our Corporate Social Responsibility, our team of experts will provide an environmentally friendly solution to dispose of or recycle your unwanted office furniture and equipment.

We will take care of the dismantling, sorting and segregation of all of your waste materials. As a part of our long standing partnership agreements with eco-friendly organisations and recycling partners we can ensure that all of your unwanted effects are disposed of with care, limiting any negative impact on the environment.

Owing to increased legislation on environmental responsibility, businesses now have a Duty of Care to ensure that action is taken regarding the disposal or recycling of old furniture or stock. At MovingCircle Removals we ensure full compliance with the waste transfer, environmental protection and WEEE legislation, so you can be assured we are taking responsible action on your behalf.

MovingCircle Removals couple house removal waiting
MovingCircle Removals couple house removal

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