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We make moving easy. Piano Removals

Piano Removals

Moving a piano can be a complex process and without professional expertise, the instrument is at risk of becoming damaged.

MovingCircle Removals has lots of experience of piano removals so you can trust our specialist crews to carefully transport your instrument to wherever it needs to go. Our expertise, in-depth knowledge and attention to detail mean you can relax knowing your piano is in safe hands.

Our piano removals services include:

  • Upright piano removals

Normally two crew members are required for this job.  We will remove any loose or fragile parts before loading the piano onto a specialist piano truck for moving.

  • Baby grand piano removals

Three crew members will carefully remove loose parts on the piano, remove its front leg and manoeuvre it onto a piano slipper. They will then remove the remaining legs and load the piano and slipper together on to a specialist piano truck.

  • Grand piano removals

This procedure follows the same process as the removal of a baby grand piano, using our trained crews and specialist piano removal equipment.

Don’t risk trying to move your piano yourself or getting a ‘man with a van’ to do the task. Piano removals require specialist training and tools, including stair climbers to safely transport your piano up and down steps without the risk of it being dropped. Inexperienced companies may offer a cheap quote but it is likely to turn out to be a false economy if your instrument becomes damaged during the move.

At MovingCircle Removals, we pack pianos in special breathable materials to ensure they do not ‘sweat’ during transit.

When booking a piano removal with MovingCircle Removals, we will need to know how many steps, if any, there are to access your piano, and whether there are any tight turns or narrow doors to negotiate in your home.

MovingCircle Removals couple house removal waiting
MovingCircle Removals couple house removal

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