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We make moving easy. Furniture Storage

Furniture Storage

Convenient local furniture storage

No matter how long you need to store your furniture, MovingCircle’ convenient service will accommodate your requirements. We have facilities all over the UK and overseas that offer safe and secure storage for furniture. Use our  storage finding service to locate a MovingCircle facility near you, or find out more about our international storage service.

Total flexibility for your move

In today’s moving market, being able to store your furniture quickly can mean the difference between keeping and losing a sale. MovingCircle can keep your belongings in one of our furniture storage facilities at the shortest notice to allow you total flexibility. It will enable you to move out on time and let your buyers move in and preserve the chain.

Furniture storage is beneficial if you…

  • Need a ‘stop gap’ during the move process
  • Are moving into rented accommodation prior to purchasing a new home
  • Are renovating, building or decorating and need to store items to create space
  • Are working from home and require convenient storage of documents and items
  • Are renting your home and want to keep your possessions safe and secure

Ready to store furniture with MovingCircle? Give us a call on (01543) 477502

MovingCircle Removals couple house removal waiting
MovingCircle Removals couple house removal

Why use us?

  • No waiting charges!
  • FREE Packing Materials
  • Guidance throughout the move process
  • True flexibilty on your moving date
  • £25,000 worth of FREE insurance
  • Ran by property professionals